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Steve Stresky Recognized by AGU

2013-01_SteveSteve Stresky, a Senior Hydrogeologist with ATC, recently was recognized by the American Geophysical Union for 25 years of membership.  The AGU is a nonprofit organization of geophysicists, with over 61,000 members from a global origin that focus on the dissemination of geophysical research and information.  The geophysical disciplines represented include atmospheric and ocean sciences, solid-Earth sciences, hydrologic sciences, and space sciences.

Steve began his geophysical career at the University of Wyoming, where he worked with Dr. Scott Smithson as a Research Assistant for seismic and gravity data acquisition in Wyoming, helping to research topics ranging from continental collisions and mountain-thrust geometries to high-resolution reflection methods for coal delineation.  Steve was a geophysicist for Mobil in the 1980s, where he processed and interpreted seismic reflection data for oil prospects.  He has since utilized geophysics for environmental applications and stratigraphic delineation in drilling explorations.