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While the term “engineering” covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, at ATC the discipline consists of engineering applied to mining and environmental projects, as well as surveying, GIS and drafting.

Mining Applications

ATC has extensive experience in engineering design and construction for both coal and non-coal mines, including mine and reclamation planning, design and permitting of hydrologic control structures, and designs for postmining stream channels, impoundments, playas and wetlands.

We use state-of-the-art software to determine cut-and-fill volumes for mine sequencing,  resource production estimates, and reclamation design.  We also utilize the latest software to design hydrologic control features such as impoundments, collector ditches, and diversions, and for designing and adjusting postmining topographic designs to incorporate stable stream channels, playas, ponds and wetlands.  We have considerable experience with postmining drainage systems and alluvial valley floors that blend and complement premining hydrologic systems and landforms.

Our extensive engineering experience includes all facets of hydrologic analyses, including watershed characterization, rainfall/runoff analysis, stream flow hydrology, and geomorphic analysis.  We are adept at implementing hydrologic models to simulate runoff used in the design of structures to control large runoff events while minimizing erosion.

Our engineers provide detailed design drawings for accurate construction, and can provide field services for construction and inspection.  We also provide Professional Engineer certification, and are certified to inspect impoundments for ongoing mining operations.

Environmental Applications

ATC has been involved in a variety of environmental engineering projects, including the design, permitting and construction specifications for evaporation ponds for uranium mining, sediment control systems, sewage disposal systems, oil field waste disposal sites, municipal sewage lagoons, piping system design, storm sewer design, and catchment ponds for livestock feedlots.  As part of engineering planning for these projects, we also ensure that any state or federal permits are prepared and approved by the appropriate agency.

We are experienced in preparing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for storm water discharge at industrial and commercial facilities.  Our engineering design interfaces with these plans by integrating our designed hydrologic control features into the plans to manage storm water.

ATC also has experience in wetlands identification and mitigation.  We have assisted clients in obtaining federal permits for wetlands modification, and have designed replacement wetlands for mitigation of construction activities.  Our experience includes the permitting of wetlands removal, as well as the design of new wetlands for active mining and abandoned mine reclamation projects.  We also prepare federal permit documentation, including designs for mitigation sites and permit modifications to meet state and federal agency requirements.  We have conducted hydrologic investigations associated with wetlands identification and have incorporated wetlands in reclamation planning for numerous industrial and mining permit applications.

Our engineering experience in remediation for contaminated sites spans commercial and industrial sites in a wide variety of environmental conditions.  Our experience includes design and construction of groundwater extraction and treatment systems, soil-vapor extraction systems, ex-situ treatment applications for contaminated soils, and excavation removal of contamination sources.  Associated capabilities for remediation implementation include process and instrumentation diagrams, pilot testing, feasibility analysis and safety design.  Safety compliance, including OSHA training and Health and Safety Plan preparation are included in our range of remediation expertise.