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ATC routinely conducts geologic analyses for mining and private clients, and has a broad range of experience in virtually every facet of the geosciences.  Our experience is based on staff with past experience that spans geologic conditions throughout the United States and numerous international locations.  We are confident in providing any level of geologic expertise to assist our clients with solving problems in the natural environment.


Geologic mapping to characterize geologic features is a classic and fundamental expertise that ATC routinely provides.  Our mapping is used for mine permit applications to identify premining geologic conditions, plan mining sequences, evaluate resource potential, and conduct hydrologic analysis for mine planning and water resources evaluations.  Our mapping experience includes:

  • outcrop and surface deposit characterization
  • fracture analysis
  • geologic structure identification
  • stream-valley morphology analysis

Our field expertise in geology also includes substantial experience in subsurface exploration, field program implementation, and data analysis, including:

  • drilling contract and technical specification preparation
  • drilling supervision
  • prospect resource evaluation
  • seismic prospecting
  • geotechnical data acquisition
  • 3-D geologic characterization


ATC has substantial expertise in hydrology, ranging from field characterization of the hydrologic system to subsequent data management and analysis.  Our background is based on employees with industry and academic experience in all elements of the geosciences, and includes experience in both surface water and groundwater hydrology as highlighted below.

  • surface water and groundwater monitoring system implementation
  • surface water flow and water quality monitoring
  • groundwater monitoring well installation and monitoring
  • irrigation system evaluation
  • logging instrumentation design, installation and maintenance
  • database design and maintenance
  • statistical analysis for hydrologic control designs
  • hydrologic model development

The experience and knowledge of groundwater hydrology is unmatched at ATC, with decades of experience based on academics, employee experience and geographic variety.  ATC has designed and installed numerous water supply wells for mining clients, industrial operations, commercial ventures and public entities to supply long-term water supplies for a variety of uses.  These projects have ranged from low-yield wells where geology bears difficult hydrogeologic conditions to high-capacity wells that service a large community or a valley of crops.  We have specific expertise in aquifer characterization and impacts from resource development, well hydraulics and safe-yield estimates, and numerical groundwater modeling.  Our groundwater modeling projects have been utilized by mining clients to estimate drawdown from mining and dewatering, by industry to estimate long-term impacts to groundwater resources, by communities to predict safe yield and establish well-head protection measures, and by private clients to predict contaminant transport and impacts to the environment.


 Water Resources

ATC has broad experience in water resources investigations, including the evaluation of both groundwater and surface water supplies.  We have managed projects ranging from individual domestic wells to water resources investigations that cover entire river basins.  Our expertise in groundwater resource development is based on decades of experience in a broad range of projects.  Routinely faced with challenging water resources needs, we are capable of managing all aspects of a groundwater development project, from water rights and geologic reconnaissance to installation and resource protection.  Our substantial knowledge of drilling, aquifer characterization, data analysis and regulations consistently ensures successful outcomes to groundwater resource projects.


Environmental Assessment

Through experience in the Mountain West as well as urban areas of the east and west coasts of the United States ATC has gained a broad background in contamination assessment that spans a variety of environmental conditions.  Our experience in water chemistry gives us valuable tools in understanding the fate of petroleum and hazardous wastes released into the environment.

ATC has been instrumental in all stages of contaminated site investigations, ranging from initial site characterization to feasibility studies for remediation.  Our experience includes:

  • due-diligence background research
  • subsurface exploration
  • groundwater investigations
  • contaminant source characterization
  • remediation design, installation and operation