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Land Management

One of the most critical aspects of mine planning is land management and legal estate research – documenting the right to mine and preparing a comprehensive and accurate record of surface and mineral ownership, easements and rights of way, and water rights.  We have significant experience in title research and digital preparation of maps to document ownership and lease status of surface ownership, minerals, oil and gas resources, facilities and easements, and water rights.  This mapping utilizes state-of-the-art techniques with GIS applications integrating survey information and coordinate systems specific to client needs.  We also have substantial experience in navigating the complex records housed in agency archives, and have established an efficient system of records retrieval that results in accurate and comprehensive estate documentation.  Our documentation is utilized by regulators and clients for adjudication documentation for new mining permit applications, permit renewals, permit transfer applications, and permit revisions for both coal and non-coal operations.

The preparation of legal estate documentation is not unique to mining.  ATC routinely prepares this documentation for land-holding companies, ranching operations, and other ventures for economic and property evaluations.  Our background in professional surveying complements our ability to provide accurate legal documentation that leaves little doubt in its legal representation.

Also included with our land management services is the documentation of water rights.  We have extensive experience in preparing water-rights applications for wells, springs, reservoirs and irrigation systems.  We also have experience in Wyoming in preparing petitions for changes in adjudicated water rights and establishing water rights in Groundwater Control Areas, both of which often involve complex legal issues and technical demonstrations.  ATC has a working knowledge of Wyoming and Montana water law and has provided expert witness services in both states involving contested water rights.